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5/20/06: The SWcollecting.com forums are now a read-only archive. And I'd like to close with this simple statement that is never the less from the heart: Thank you for being a part of our special community, and in all your Star Wars collecting endeavours... may the Force be with you! - JT
5/18/06: SirSteve has acquired his site SirStevesGuide.com and has reopened the site and its forums. As they are where most of us came from, including myself, SWC will become a read-only archive on Saturday.
5/17/06: SW.com has photos of the Original OT DVD box art, done in a similar style to the previous OT DVD box art, but with different photo montages meant to suggest the movies' original theatrical posters. Also, this time around, the widescreen is gold rather than silver.
5/17/06: Rebelscum has photos of 3 upcoming OT DVD commemorative figure sets. Like some other previous DVD commemorative sets, these are all repacked figures.
5/16/06: Warstar points out that the WM-wave-1 Titanium Series I mentioned yesterday are reshipping in mass-retail wave #8 along with Anakin's green Jedi Starfighter, the regular Republic Gunship, and AT-RT (the latter 2 were previously exclusive to WM's 2nd wave).
5/16/06: Beast has posted an image in the forums of the first advertisement for the Original Trilogy DVDs. The ad appears to be for trade publication use rather than for consumers as it makes mention of brand sales and unit pricing. The ad says the MSRP on each movie will be $29.98, and the Sept 12th street date will coincide with the release of not only the LEGO Star Wars II: OT game but also all-new toys.
5/15/06: The first 4 Titanium Series 3" vehicles have started showing up again at Wal-mart stores this past weekend, several sightings (Southern California, New Jersey, Montana, and Nevada). The original Titanium Series 3" line was exclusive to Wal-mart and came out in early '05, its first wave had the die-cast X-wing, Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter, and Boba Fett's Slave I - these WM-exclusives all have the Star Wars logo above the Titanium Series logo unlike the newer, mass-release TS vehicles. The recently-found WM-wave 1 vehicles had the original packaging.
UPDATE: LTBasker points out that these recently-found versions are different from the originals in that these have a black choke-hazard warning sticker and a black "Die Cast" sticker under the SW logo.
5/15/06: Figrin bran reports in that the LEGO store in Glendale, CA, has the Imperial Star Destroyer and Jabba's Sail Barge sets in stock on their shelves now, along with the new Royal Guard minifig keychain.
5/13/06: LusiferSam reports in that LEGO's shop-at-home website has the 2 summer SW LEGO sets - 6211 Star Destroyer $99.99, and 6210 Jabba's Sail Barge $74.99 - available now at MSRP. These are not exclusives, but if you want to get them now rather than later, this is a good option.
5/12/06: Rebelscum has posted carded photos of the upcoming Endor wave, including a separate post of the Ewok-throne C-3PO with articulated knees.
5/12/06: Hasbro has plans to release 3 vehicle repaints this fall, including the AAT battle tank in Geonosis-red, the Hailfire Droid in Separatist-blue, and Darth Vader's Sith Starfighter - a black repaint of the Ep 3 Jedi Starfighter. (There are no photos of Vader's Sith Starfighter yet, the one seen on EE is not of the actual item.)
5/12/06: Sideshow's previews their newest 1/4-scale Premium Format figure, Dagobah Luke with Yoda.
5/11/06: Sideshow has set aside some of their SDCC-exclusive Medicom Vinyl Super Deformed 501st Clone Troopers for non-attendees, these will go on priority-preorder tomorrow, Friday, May 12th, from 10am to noon PST. Sideshow has also added photos of this exclusive VSD 501st Clone.
5/10/06: Planning to get Sideshow's SDCC-exclusive Medicom Vinyl Super Deformed 501st Clone Trooper at Comic-Con? Priority-preorders for Comic-Con attendees are tomorrow, Thursday the 11th, at 10am to noon PST. Sideshow warns that there are no pictures available at this time, but preorders can always be canceled.
5/9/06: Sideshow has sent out the first alert emails about 12" ROTS Anakin shipping in the next 20-25 days, if you haven't double-checked all your shipping info (proper address, credit card #, expiration date) now is the time to do it.
5/5/06: TFormers.com has put up a photo of the Star Wars Transformers boxed Han and Chewie/Millennium Falcon deluxe set. The 2pack is in try-me packaging as it has electronic lights and sounds - the sticker is in front of Han but the actual hole is above Chewie.
5/5/06: Hasbro's role-play Stormtrooper Blaster gets a new gunmetal paintjob, still complete with lights and sounds. This role-play blaster has been around since '96 when it was the white BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle, later repainted in camo, and is currently painted black available now in ROTS packaging as the Clone Trooper Blaster - brings new meaning to the phrase "long live the Empire".
5/4/06: The official SW site has added an article with the following phrase - "In response to overwhelming demand, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will release..." (ooh, I'm all atwitter, aren't you?) The fans have spoken, the ORIGINAL Original Trilogy will be released on DVD September 12th!!!(The same day as the LEGO SW II:OT video game) This is the pre-Special Edition theatrical version of the classic SW trilogy, but it'll only be available from September to the end of December so don't miss it.
5/4/06: KBtoys.com has finally got the VTSC Tusken Raider available for order, and still just $9.99, only a week after the other 4 VTSC, better late than never? They've also still got Han Endor, Luke Pilot, and Greedo as well, but the Biker Scout sold out in the first day. Anyway, thanks again to speck2001 for reporting this listing.
5/4/06: Forumite dr_evazan22 has received an email from Master Replicas letting him know his Qui-Gon Jinn Limited Edition Lightsaber has arrived in MR's US distribution warehouse and is ready to ship. The Qui-Gon LE Saber listing on MR's website has also changed to "in stock!"
5/4/06: The video game "LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy" has been hotly anticipated even before it was announced, the first LEGO Star Wars game based around the Prequels has been a smash hit and looks to spawn an amazing sequel. StarWars.com has a full-length trailer for LEGO SW II:OT full of great visuals, amazing gameplay, and lots of fun - this game looks like it's gonna be fantastic, look for it September 12th.
5/4/06: One month ago today, April 4th, SWcollecting.com opened its doors and welcomed its first visitors to the newest site about Star Wars collecting. With over 100 forum users and 10,000 posts, we've made this a fun place to hang out, and I cannot thank you all enough for making that possible.
5/1/06: Mayday, Mayday!It's the first of May, making this the second month for good ol' SWC (the actual 1-month anniversary is on the 4th) - we've existed in April and now we exist in May. Today should also see the forums reach their 10,000th post! Congratulations gang, and thanks to all of you for making SWcollecting.com a fun place to visit.
4/29/06: Correction - On the 24th, I reported spotting 3 of the "Ep III Greatest Hits" figures at a Wal-mart in CA, the sighting was accurate, I just didn't pay close enough attention to their cards to notice that they weren't called that anymore, they are actually "The Episode III Heroes and Villains Collection", of which you can see in this auction for all 12.
4/28/06: Looking for 4 of the 5 VTSC (Vintage-style The Saga Collection) figures? Looking for remarkably cheap shipping (I paid $4.84 for standard shipping from 3000 miles away) and no sales tax except in Massachusetts, Virginia, and Colorado? Speck2001 found all the VTSC - except for the Tusken Raider - at KBtoys.com and they're really in-stock (at least at 1:10pm PST they are), so pick up VTSC Biker Scout, Han Endor, Luke Pilot, and Greedo before they sell out.
UPDATE: El Chuxter points out that the Biker Scout sold out at 4:30pm PST, but the other 3 are still available.
4/28/06: Sideshow's SDCC-exclusive 'Anakin as Vader Sith Apprentice' 12" figure is now available for priority preorder to non-attendees, and in an unsual twist, the attendee version is $54.99 while the non-attendee version is $59.99 (and of course, non-attendees have to pay shipping & handling on top of that). If any non-attendee ones are available after noon PST, they'll be made available for general preorder.
UPDATE: It's 11:15am PST and the non-attendee allotment for SDCC Anakin as Vader 12" figure is now sold out, you can sign up for the waiting list by clicking here
4/27/06: Tomorrow, Friday morning at 10am PST, Sideshow will be making the SDCC-exclusive 'Anakin as Vader Sith Apprentice' 12" figure available for preorder to those who are NOT attending the convention, instead having the figure shipped to them.
4/27/06: The new The Saga Collection boxes for the Ep 3 Obi-Wan and Anakin Jedi Starfighter vehicles have been spotted at Toys R Us in Los Angeles, CA, by me, JT.
4/27/06: ToyNewsInternational has posted a photo of 2 upcoming Titanium Forged die-cast metal 3.75" figures, IG-88 and a Clone Trooper. Thanks to Beast for pointing it out.
4/26/06: Tomorrow, Thursday morning at 10am PST, Sideshow will be making the San Diego Comic Con 'Anakin as Vader Sith Apparentice' exclusive 12" figure available for priority preorder to ONLY those who are planning to attend the convention - if you are not planning to attend the convention, the priority preorder for non-attendees will be Friday morning.
4/25/06: Sideshow has started sending out "2 weeks to shipping" notification emails about their Premium Format General Grievous to those who preordered it. Warstar and Hellboy both received those emails yesterday. The $450 premium Grievous is limited to 4,000 pieces total (2,500 regular edition, 1,500 Sideshow Exclusive edition), stands 25" tall, is made of metal, plastic, and resin, ships at a whopping 15 pounds, and the SE version comes with his cloth cape.
4/25/06: Tformers.com, a Transformers fan site, has put up carded photos of the wave 3 Star Wars Transformers - Emperor Palpatine/Imperial Shuttle, Jango Fett/AOTC Slave I, and Clone Pilot/ARC-170. Palpatine comes "some assembly required" with the center wing disconnected.
4/24/06: The Wal-mart in Duarte, CA today had 3 of the Star Wars "Episode III Greatest Hits" figures, specifically Mace Windu, Chewbacca, and "Jedi-kick" Obi-Wan (I didn't see any signs of the other 9 case-mates tho'). These Ep 3 Greatest Hits figures are repacks from last year's ROTS line now in TSC-style packaging, including TSC hologram minifigs.
4/23/06: Banthaholic has found several new Star Wars holiday items on the Kurt S. Adler company's website which were not among last year's releases. The new sets include a 6-piece mPire ornament set, 2 different 8-piece mPire ornament sets ("The Force" and "The Dark Side"), a new resin mPire Boba Fett with Clonetrooper pairs ornament, and - most surprisingly - a new Steinbach Yoda Nutcracker (which appears to be an in-progress prototype photo). I believe also the 2 sets of 3 resin Star Wars movie poster ornaments (Prequels and Original Trilogy) are new as well. Althought not yet confirmed as such, these are believed to be part of Adler's '06 Star Wars holiday lineup.
4/22/06: On NBC tonight at 11:30pm EST/PST, Saturday Night Live is a rerun. "Why is that at all interesting or Star Wars-related?" you ask? Because it's a rerun of Natalie Portman hosting the show from this past February, which includes a Star Wars-themed opening monologue and Natalie's infamous rap video, both of which will no doubt look a heck of a lot better on actual TV than downloaded off YouTube.
4/21/06: Update - Pegger's earlier report of Canadian UGH figures now has photos of the ones Pegger himself bought. Check out the photos in the forums, it's madness I tell you!
4/20/06: Hasbro has 2 exclusive Stormtroopers in the news today - first up, the StarWarsShop.com-exclusive Shadow Stormtrooper was opened for preorder today, the all-black VOTC-body Stormtrooper is $15 each plus shipping, limit 5, and ship date is August 1st.
 Also, Rebelscum has news and a photo of a San Diego Comic Con-exclusive VOTC-body 501st Legion Stormtrooper who comes with a special display and banner. (I can't say I'm too keen on the Roman-character text on this thing's banner and chest, should be Aurebesh characters.)
4/20/06: Some Gentle Giant news, Turbowars has posted news and a photo of GG's upcoming Cantina Band Bust-Up 5pack, due this September. Also, the animated-style ANH Leia with R2 statue is now available for order, BlueSnaggletooth has posted a photo of it in the forums.
4/20/06: Rictor (aka gayjedi in the forums) reported in that he found the latest Titanium Series 5pack - the one with the Raw Metal Death Star, AT-AT, repainted Imperial Star Destroyer, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter, and Imperial Shuttle -  at a Wal-mart in Las Vegas a few days ago, and Darth Michael found some at a WM in the Austin, TX area, so the hunt is on yet again.
4/19/06: Slicker reports in that wave 2 of the Titanium Series Forged Figures (Bossk and Sandtrooper) have been spotted at a Wal-mart in Virginia.
4/13/06: Sideshow has added photos and preorder details for the SDCC-exclusive 12" Anakin as Darth Vader Sith Apprentice.
4/13/06: El Chuxter reports in that the sought-after Kmart-exclusive ROTS battle pack "Jedi Temple Assault" (Anakin,  a Clone Pilot, and 3 quick-draw Clone Troopers with 501st blue paintjobs) from last year has been spotted by Slicker and Kidhuman (both in Virginia) and himself (in California) in the last few days. Unfortunately, Chux also points out that the set still ships with the other ROTS K-mart battle pack, the "Imperial Throne Room" turkey.
4/13/06: Master Replicas today made the ROTJ Boba Fett Blaster rifle prop replica available for preorder to the general public. For only a hundred bucks extra, you can get the Jeremy Bulloch Signature Edition, only 1000 will ever be available - that's the way I'd go if I could afford this piece.
4/12/06: Pegger reports that he has been told by a Canadian e-tailer that there are to be Canadian tri-lingo UGH figures complete with starfield background (if you don't know, American cards have the movie photo behind the figure, Canadian cards have a generic starfield). If this is correct, it could become a debacle for completists worse than POTF2 Boba Fett error-variants or R5-D4's 13 variants of doom, 60 different foreign UGH repacks (10 UGH figs times 6 random holos in each). For more, check out the Canadian UGH thread in the forums.
4/11/06: I've put together the site logo, and changed the look of the site's main page as well - you should be staring at both right now.
4/10/06: Toys R Us is having a sale until the 15th, Star Wars items include SW Hasbro - buy any 2 action figures or accessories, get a 3rd free - and all LEGO - buy 1, get 2nd half-off.
4/7/06: In other Master Replicas news, the MR blog reports that the Qui-Gon Collectors Edition saber (the lower-priced full-sized lightsaber prop replica) has been changed from resin to die-cast metal, an excellent choice.
4/7/06: Tycho has reported receiving his Darth Maul Force FX Lightsaber 2pack, creating the FX double-saber, so this bad boy is apparently shipping now.
4/7/06: BlueSnaggletooth has found all 5 of the VTSC (Vintage-style Saga2) figures at a Target store in Southern California. The hunt, ladies and gentlemen, is officially "on".
4/7/06: Hellboy has posted news and a photo in the forums of Master Replicas' Boba Fett ROTJ rifle replica, available both as a limited and a signature edition. Preorders for CS members on 4/11. Click here to check it out. *(correction note, last night I accidentially put "ESB")
4/6/06: Sideshow Collectibles announced their 2 Comic-Con Star War sexclusives today, a Medicom Super Deformed figure (which they describe as a "Brand New Character"), and 12" Anakin as Darth Vader Sith Apprentice - which is likely the "sith eyes" version everybody was guessing it'd be. News of edition sizes and priority preordering coming April 12th.
4/6/06: "OW! MY PRIDE!" SWC's server experienced an unusual glitch today, apologies for the 2 hours of downtime. Am working on other hosting options.
4/5/06: Galactic Hunter has posted pictures of the next wave of Titanium Series 3" vehicles - Ep 3 Millennium Falcon, Luke on Speeder Bike, and the Ep 1 Republic Cruiser (originally released in the Ep 1 Micro Machines line) - plus the latest 5-pack exclusive set with the "Raw Metal" Death Star.
4/5/06: Even though Master Replica's Darth Maul Force FX Lightsaber isn't due out until May, DarthQuack and Tycho have received emails from MR about the Maul FX coming to US shores soon, Tycho's account has even been charged for his.
4/5/06: The official Star Wars Hasbro site has updated with images of the TSC Endor wave - Chief Chirpa, Moff Jerjerrod, Death Star Gunner, Endor C-3PO, and rehash Emperor Palpatine.
4/4/06: Forums live now. SWC news coming soon. Thanks for dropping by! - JT

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